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Dr. Shah is available after hours for urgent medical needs. Just call the office for instructions. If you have a life-threatening emergency, do not wait – dial 911!

Practice News

Starting January  2016 We have extended office hours. Now we are open every Tuesday AND Thursday evening 5- 6 pm. We have weekend hours on 2nd and 4th Saturday  8 am- 12 pm.

Trinity Family Health Care works hard to bring you the most recent updates in medical news from around town and around the globe. Check our practice news section to keep up with the latest information about your health and our practice.

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At Trinity Family Health Care, you have the opportunity to create a patient-doctor relationship that truly benefits your well-being. With our goal of achieving optimal health and wellness for the individuals and families we care for, we go the extra mile to offer a personalized treatment plan for any ailments you may experience. Dr. Saurin Shah has a true passion for medicine, which shows in how he cares for each and every one of his patients, young and old.

We offer wellness exams, acute illness and injury care, chronic disease management, and coordination of care with hospitalists and specialists. Learn more below.

Wellness Exams

When you come in with an illness or injury, we focus on getting you better. Wellness exams are done when you are healthy, so we can focus on keeping you that way. Dr. Shah will review your medical history, conduct a detailed physical exam, and offer the appropriate vaccines, immunizations, lab tests, and health screenings, including for breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and osteoporosis.

Our wellness exams include:

  • Annual physicals for adults
  • Well-child visits and immunizations
  • Well-woman exams including Pap test
  • School and sports physicals

As a patient-centered medical home, Trinity Family Health Care also offers welcome and subsequent annual wellness and preventive care for Medicare-eligible patients.

Acute Illness and Injury Care

If you have symptoms of an illness or injury for more than a week, it is time to call a doctor. Symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, and fever are usually signs of an infection that needs medical attention. A physical examination and lab testing, if necessary, can aid in a diagnosis. 

Dr. Shah diagnoses and treats numerous acute conditions such as:

Chronic Disease Management

Some conditions require ongoing medical care and active self-management to maintain health and wellness, despite illness or injury. We call this chronic disease management.  The best outcomes are achieved when the patient can open up about how they are really feeling, so that Dr. Shah can offer the most appropriate advice or treatment. Together, we can minimize the impact disease has on your life. 

Some of the most common chronic illnesses that Dr. Shah diagnoses and manages include:

Hospital Coordination

Whether you have a chronic illness or acute (short-term) health problem, if you end up in the hospital, Dr. Shah will continue overseeing your health care. He is on staff at Medical Center of Trinity and Florida Hospital of North Pinellas, which means that if you are admitted to one of those hospitals, he can provide inpatient service for you there.

If you are admitted to Regional Medical Center at Bayonet Point or North Bay Hospital, Dr. Shah will communicate directly with the hospitalist in charge of your care to make sure nothing is overlooked. With Dr. Shah on your medical team, you can feel confident in the care you receive in and out of the hospital.

Specialist Coordination

Dr. Shah is a primary care provider, which means he provides the first response to your ailment. We do our best to address as many concerns as possible in our office to save you time and money. When further testing or advanced care is needed, you will receive a referral for a hand-picked specialist. Even after you see the specialist, Dr. Shah will continue playing an active role in your care, making sure the specialist meets Dr. Shah’s high standards.

Preventive, Acute, and Chronic disease Care in Port Richey, FL

If you’re looking for a well-rounded primary care physician in Port Richey, Florida, take a closer look at Dr. Shah’s practice – Trinity Family Health Care. We provide preventive care when you are well and acute and chronic care when you are ill. Call (727) 845-3333 for an appointment or request one online.